2-Hour Guided Experienced Rides

Riders need to be comfortable in canter and reasonably fit, to join an experienced ride. We vary the routes each day as we are spoilt for choice here in the Quantocks. Rides are mainly walking and trotting with some cantering but no jumping. The experienced rides are usually about 6 miles nearly all of it off road and covering some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain. When you telephone to book we will require names, heights, weights and match you to a horse and also answer any further questions you might have.

Hats and body protectors are provided. Riders may wear their own if they have been checked.


From September 2017  we can offer the option of Hunting within the law with the Quantock Stag Hounds. This takes place on Mondays and does not involve jumping. For prices and more information call Dave on 01823 431 713

Example Ride – Watery Lane

In this ride we head north from Quantock Trekking, making our way along a farm track towards Middle Hill. This is a climb of approx 1 mile, climbing 175m. There are stunning views of Exmoor National Park and the Blackdown Hills in the distance.

We head right across Lydeard Hill (1), climbing higher to the Lydeard Hill car park. Muchcare Lane heads north towards Durborough Farm, and on the way there is a superb view of the River Parrett delta where it joins the Bristol Channel. On clear days we can see the island of Steepholm and even South Wales.

Muchcare Lane is quite steep in places, but the horses are very used to it. We now descend approx 170m to cross the ford at Durborough Farm (2), effectively crossing the Quantocks. Passing the old quarry, we walk up Watery Lane (3)  this is actually a stream, and can be quite fast-flowing after heavy rain!

We now reach the area between Middle Hill and Aisholt Common which is known as Fox’s Bottom (4). We pass through ancient woodland before reaching the open heathland of Aisholt Common. Here we begin the ascent to Light Gate (5)  this is a real pull and the horses have to work quite hard.

Finally we head south to Wills Neck (6), at 384m the highest point on the Quantocks. On a clear day, the views from here are simply stunning. From here we head towards Rock Farm, where we join the Metal Road which takes us back to West Bagborough and the stables.


"We cantered over the Quantock Hills,
past the dripping ferns, we ate at the old mill.
The mist disclosing Somerset's glories,
as Dave told us local myths and stories.
The sparky cobs, they were great,
Poppy, Floss, Paddy and Sarge - The insatiate!
Our guides were pro's, Bryony and the Katies two,
the lanes poetic, bushes perfect for a loo!
Gill delivered cheer and delicious treats,
what a Victoria Sponge - can't be beat!
One of our party got a blistered bum,
but, no doubt, we had heaps of horsey fun!"