Shopnoller and Tilbury

 This 5-mile ride is ideal to familiarise yourself with the horses. There are some very good views of the southern slopes of the Quantocks and you will pass through some lovely countryside.

We start by turning right from the stables and head towards Heathfield. On the way we pass Bagborough House (1), the location of the film ‘Pandemonium’ which tells the story of Yates and Coleridge (who wrote the Rime of the Ancient Mariner whilst living locally).

We pass the cricket ground and turn left at London Cross towards Shopnoller. After approx 2 miles, we turn left at the Stone Age Barton Farm, passing Pitsmouth Cottage on our left and Cothelston Park on our right. This area teems with wildlife: buzzards, red deer, foxes and peregrine falcons are recently spotted.

From Pilgrims Cottage, it is a very hard climb to Tilbury Farm but once we reach the top the views are worth it. We can look back and see the route we have taken in its entirety. Finally we turn left and descend to West Bagborough and the stables.

Alex says…

This was my first trekking experience and it was AMAZING! The Quantocks are stunning and the horses are brilliant. Would recommend to anyone!

Kate says…

Really love coming up to the yard to meet all the horses! Riding doesn't get better than a 2-hour hack over the Quantocks with your friends and family! It's so different to lessons and has really boasted my confidence