Rock Farm via Triscombe Quarry

We start this ride by turning right from the stables, following the Metal Road towards Heathfields. We pass the War Memorial (1) and go past Bagborough House (2) and the cricket pitch. We then turn right, passing Wood Barn, to get a fine view of Bagborough Plantation (3) rising from the foot of the Quantocks.

At the next junction we turn towards Rock Farm, on the edge of the beautiful Bagborough Plantation. We now leave the Metal Road and head towards Triscombe, where there is a nice pub. We skirt the huge quarry (4) where some of the hardest stone in the county used to be quarried.

We leave the plantation and start to climb to the top of Triscombe Stone. This is a real test of the horses’ fitness, ascending via the open heathland of Marrow Hill. We emerge through the gates of Triscombe Stone car park.

At this point, depending on time, we have a choice of two routes. We can either take the longer route through the forestry or cut back via the quarry (blue dashed route).

The forestry route takes us through Great Wood, a fir plantation with numerous tracks and bridleways. It would be easy to spend the whole day exploring the wood! We enter the forestry on the south side at Triscombe Stone and descend down to Slades. We then leave the forestry at Light Gate, and we can either return to the stables via Rock Farm or take an alternative route via Wills Neck and come of the hill at Bashford.

The quarry route (blue dashes) means we keep climbing, taking a path around the quarry fence from where the views are stunning. Peregrine falcons are often seen in flight here and it is a favourite spot for wild deer. We then head up over Wills Neck, from where we may leave the tracks and cross open heather. We then drop down to Rock Farn and head for home via the Metal Road.


Alex says…

This was my first trekking experience and it was AMAZING! The Quantocks are stunning and the horses are brilliant. Would recommend to anyone!

Kate says…

Really love coming up to the yard to meet all the horses! Riding doesn't get better than a 2-hour hack over the Quantocks with your friends and family! It's so different to lessons and has really boasted my confidence