Terms & conditions

Although Quantock Trekking ponies are experienced animals, riding to any standard carries a potential risk because horses may react unpredictably. You must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • I understand and accept that horse riding carries an inherent risk to my safety.
  • I accept the risk that I may fall off and be injured.
  • I understand that instructions I may be given in the course of a ride are for my safety and agree to follow them.
  • I understand that an appropriate riding hat may reduce the severity of any injury and will wear one at all times when mounted.
  • I understand that a body protector may also reduce the severity of any injury and accept that it is my choice whether or not to wear one.
  • I understand that it is important to be honest and open about my riding experience, and will tell Quantock Trekking about:
    • My previous riding experience
    • Previous riding accidents where I was at fault
    • Any medical conditions which may affect my ability to ride
  • I understand that Quantock Trekking may refuse my request to ride for safety or operational reasons.